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Uddhav Thackeray imposes curfew in entire Maharashtra

Humans from time immemorial have looked up to the heavens for getting blessings so that they may achieve success, happiness, fulfillment, strength, peace, long life, progress, and well-being in their lives. In fact, the Maha Kali Mantras is one of the best ways to achieve all the success and happiness in life. Religions came into existence because humans wanted the helping hand of Gods and Goddesses to attain material as well as spiritual advancement in their lives. Mantras are one of the methods by which you can please Gods and Goddesses for attaining fulfillment in your lives.

There are numerous mantras in the Hindu Religion. Rishis and sages devised these mantras which are special techniques for invoking the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. Mantras are essentially prayers dedicated to Gods or Goddesses and have been crafted in the ancient language of Sanskrit. According to the Hindu Religion, Maa Kali is the destructive force of Goddess Durga who ends all kinds of evils in our lives. She is also known as Shakti who always protects us from evils and creates a safeguard around our lives.

Kali is portrayed in the dancing form where we can see Lord Shiva lying calm and prostrate behind her. Her eyes are red with intoxication. Her hair is disheveled, and her tongue is lolling. Maa Kali is shown in absolute rage. She is dressed in a garland of human heads and wears a head made of human arms. Goddess Kali is shown accompanied by serpents and a jackal. She stands on the calm and prostrate Shiva. She is shown with a sword, a Trishul, a severed head, and a skull-cup catching the blood of the severed head.

Anyone who worships Goddess Kali with a true heart will be saved. Goddess Kali is the guiding force for her devotees. Each of her ten hands is carrying different component. These weapons represent the power of one of the Devas or Hindu Gods. Praising Maa Kali solves all problems and spiritual advancement very quickly. If you are one of those who are facing difficulties in your life or wants to achieve happiness, strength, courage and all-round progress in your life, then Maa Kali Mantras is for you.

The Maha Kali Mantra has the powers to eliminate all the problems in your life quickly. It grants all spiritual faculties and powers. Maa Kali helps to awaken the Kundalini Shakti in you and strengths your mind, body, and soul.

It carries the supreme life force and releases the light of knowledge and absolute truth. She helps to boost up the positive energy in you.

Here are some Kali Mantras for pleasing Maa Kali and getting her blessings. However, these mantras should be recited with absolute care as mispronunciations can harm you. K signifies pure knowledge R means she is auspicious I mean that Maa Kali bestows booms M means that she grants freedom. Om Kali, Kali! Namostute, Namostute, namo! Benefit: Recitation of this mantra releases you from the binding web of adult pretense.

It energizes you with positive energy so that you can achieve your goal.Think of how much time you've spent agonizing over your guitar sound; the countless hours spent tweaking and testing until finally you get the perfect expressive platform for your live performances. Why settle for less when the gig is over? Whether you're warming up backstage for the next big gig, brainstorming with the band at the hotel, or just jamming around a campfire, the THR is the perfect amp for everywhere you play that isn't on-stage.

This five-model series of portable guitar amplifiers utilizes Yamaha's acclaimed Virtual Circuitry Technology to deliver authentic tube amp sound, incredibly realistic effects, and hi-fi quality stereo playback, so that no location is too remote, no tone too elusive, for those moments when you just want to play.

The third amp revolution is sweeping the nation… don't get left behind. The standard model THR, the THR10 sounds great in a wide range of genres, whether played delicatedly with a clean sound, or with a more edgy, distorted tone.

Now the THR10 has been upgraded to version 2, delivering even better quality sound. Now the THR5 has been upgraded version 2, with an even better sound that defies the convention that sound quality has to be sacrificed in a small amp with a small sound.

Utilising advanced modeling technologies developed by Yamaha, THR5A offers simulations of classic tube condenser and dynamic mics combined with studio-grade effects to create recording-studio tone direct from your guitar and wherever you are. THR10C takes the personal-amp concept to a new level of audio fidelity. THR10X is dedicated to guitarists that want more gain, more distortion and the unmatched response of a cranked high-output stack.

Yamaha MX-1 Amplifiers

With 5 different channels from 3 amps, all delivering dynamic, intense distortion, THR10X perfectly delivers the subtly different distortion characteristics of each amp or channel to give a tone and response perfectly suited to everything from classic rock to extreme metal. Time to get serious about your off-stage sound. Product Information. THR10 V. THR5 V. Related Products. THR Head. The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Special Content.Get the Android app. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. The infant was discharged from Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai on Sunday. PTI picture used for representation Maharashtra: Housing society members welcome 6-month-old Covid survivor with claps, whistles Residents of a housing society in Kalyan, Maharashtra where four members of a family, including a six-month-old, had tested positive for coronavirus, welcomed Coronavirus: A stadium converted into an isolation centre in Mumbai.

Maharashtra discoms turn to energy exchanges, shun costly PPAs MUMBAI: With four-fifth of the economy shuttered for the third week, on account of Covid control measures, pulling down power demand sharply, power.

Get latest Healthcare online at Maharashtra takes food directly from farmer to housing societies Maharashtra has started taking food directly from the farmers to housing societies, skipping the market yard or the APMC.

Vegetable and fruit farmers have been The leopard was spotted on the outskirts of Aurangabad, an official said. Representational Leopard Captured In Maharashtra's Aurangabad, 2 Suffer Minor Injuries A leopard which ventured into a village in Maharashtra's Aurangabad district was today caught by forest department officials, with two people sustaining minor The facility threatened to Dairy farmers facing huge losses across Maharashtra due to the lockdown A new report talks about the troubles faced by dairy farmers in the midst of the lockdown, as their supply has reportedly dropped by 25 per cent.

This is primarily Sonu Nigam barred from selling acre land in Raigad district of Maharashtra Security markets regulator Sebi has prohibited Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam from selling and transferring acre agricultural land at Pinglas. While it isn't the time to pat ourselves on the back as the battle still rages, it is important to India star batsman Rohit Sharma is the latest cricketer to contribute towards the novel coronavirus relief funds. Rohit took to Twitter to reveal that he has done a Maharashtra Retenders 1.

At least 52 cases of policemen and doctors being attacked took place in Maharashtra Representational 50 Who Attended Tablighi Event From Maharashtra Incommunicado: Minister Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Tuesday said 50 of the people who returned to the state attending the religious congregation of Tablighi This photo was posted by Geeta Mali on Facebook a few hours before she met with the mishap.

Marathi singer dies in road accident in Thane district of Maharashtra Nashik, November 15 Geeta Mali, a playback singer who had sung for some Marathi films died in an accident on Mumbai-Agra highway in Thane district on Pink bollworm infestation detected in Yavatmal district, third confirmed attack in Maharashtra The latest pink bollworm infestation on cotton crop in Maharashtra has been detected in Yavatmal district of Vidarbha region.The state government is pulling out all the stops and has directed all district administrations be ready for the crucial period in the state.

The state government has already announced a shutdown of major cities from Saturday to contain the spread of the virus.

Public transport has been excluded from the shutdown. All offices, shops and establishments in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Pune, Pimpri, Chinchwad and Nagpur will be closed till March 31 following an announcement by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray.

Only essential services and establishments involved in selling essential commodities have been excluded from the shut down. The government has also cancelled the examinations for classes 1 to 8 for the schools affiliated to the State board and deferred the examinations of class 9 and 11 till April The state government has increased its testing capacity at Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai and will soon start testing laborataries at JJ Hospital and a few private hospitals in Mumbai.

During a review meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, Thackeray had requested the Centre for permission for more testing centres and laboratories to ensure the spread of coronavirus was effectively contained. He also has pushed for effective quarantine of the Indians expected to return in the next two days. Many of them are from Maharashtra. We have taken some strict steps like shutting down major cities.

Next 15 days are crucial for the state and the state machinery need to pull up the socks during this golden hour. Health minister Tope said that the state will review the shutdown for the next two days. If the number of people venturing out does not drop significantly, the state will be forced to suspended train and bus services. Tope had also said that five of the positive patients have recovered fully and will soon be discharged.

Meanwhile, with an anticipation of cases related to Coronavirus increasing, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation BMC plans to utilise space for isolation wards and quarantine in its major civic hospitals in the city apart from the two civic hospitals and other private hospitals.

It is also scouting for space in government run college hostels, if possible.

maha amplifier

The BMC has been managing the flow of patients at Kasturba Hospital and Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri for admitting patients requiring isolation wards and quarantine. Currently, two hospitals - Kasturba and KEM — are testing samples but preparations are on start testing at private hospitals too.

Pardeshi has chalked out several measures to shift patients to peripheral civic hospitals from major civic hospitals in order to ensure more space for dealing with Coronavirus. These measures include of all stable patients, requiring further hospital stay but can be managed by the peripheral hospitals, to be transferred to the peripheral hospitals located within 5 km of the residential address of the patients by proper coordination between both hospitals.

Pardeshi also directed that OPDs dealing with hypertension, asthma, diabetic, thyroid, hematology etc to be suspended in major hospitals till further notice and such patients shall be directed to approach the nearest dispensary or peripheral hospitals located in their vicinity.

MAHA MH-A101 2 Meter FM HT Amplifier 2.5-5 Watts in 35 watts Out 144 - 148 MHz

Several appointments of routine surgeries are ordered to be deferred for next to two to three weeks. All civic hospitals have been directed to conduct small group blood donation camps to develop amble reserves of blood for future contingency. The BMC has also decided to not keep those patients in civic hospitals who can manage home quarantine for 14 days, and on Friday announced that it will manage buses and taxis to ferry these passengers to their hometown, ensuring they do not travel in public transport.

Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. PM Boris discharged from hospital, a week after being admitted for Covid Maharashtra reports 1, coronavirus cases, death toll reaches Over 35, abuse lockdown in Maharashtra, cases near in India: 10 points.

When Deepika did not want to commit to Ranveer, wanted to keep it casual. Salman Khan gives hilarious twist to Maine Pyaar Kiya kiss, watch video. Two fire incidents in Balewadi within 24 hours.Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. External 2 meter amplifier alternatives.

I'm beginning to look at available alternatives for an external 2 meter amplifier, and would appreciate any experience anyone on the list has with any of the following: 1.

Yes, I'd love to have or so watts, but the price tag is too high for my budget at the moment, given what I need to add to my K3. Based on specs and price that is, most watts output for the buck I'm leaning toward the CC A kit, but I can't find any reviews that discuss its performance and reliability. CC has added some features to the basic design published by Motorola, but the basic amp is what's described in AN I like the fact that it's compact 6 x 3 x 4.

Is anyone familiar with this product? The Mirage BG has a lot more output when driven by 10 watts in, and it includes a receive pre-amp with jumper-selectable gain ranging from 2. At full output this unit requires 30 amps, which is a minus factor for me.

The used units mentioned have their own attractions, but both are long out of production, and thus support would be zilch, so they are lower on my list, subject to input from this group.

Comments and "user reports" welcome. Re: External 2 meter amplifier alternatives.

maha amplifier

This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet. Hi, I have build my own solid state amplifier with the BLF Nice linear and better than commericial solid state. Have a look at the feedback from a user If you are after low cost than consider the BLF amplifier. Both PCB's are for sale via my web site. Off course this is only for people who have the skills to home brew.

Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search External 2 meter amplifier alternatives. Free forum by Nabble. Edit this page.For years Yamaha has been well known for manufacturing high-value, feature-packed AV receivers.

My first experience with the Yamaha brand was with the DSP-A1 in the late 90s, a seven-channel integrated amplifier with Yamaha's "Digital Sound Field Processing" to re-create the acoustic spaces of various concert halls, churches, and commercial movie theaters. The DSP-A1 was a great component that largely succeeded in re-creating these different listening environments, depending on the individual recording. Yamaha is perhaps less well known for its HiFi component lineat least in the United States.

The line includes stereo integrated amplifiers, receivers, CD players, and network players. While these pieces are not inexpensive, the good news is that Yamaha managed to incorporate most of the technology of the flagship products into the A-S and CD-S at half the price. While integrated amplifiers have been around for decades, there was a period of time where they carried the moniker of "compromise product" and were avoided by so-called serious audiophiles.

During that time, separates were considered the only path to true high-end sound. Lately, though, it seems that integrated amplifiers have enjoyed a resurgence in credibility with audiophiles. Many enthusiasts today are looking to get back to basics, and even ultra-high-end manufacturers like Boulder, Constellation, Soulution, and D'Agostino Master Audio Systems now offer integrated amplifiers in their product lines.

The A-S is a product aimed squarely at serious audiophiles. This is no bargain-basement, lightweight product. The quality design and craftsmanship are immediately evident. Just taking it out of the box, you'll notice the heft of its Underneath the amp's casework, the electronics are designed and constructed for right-left symmetry to optimize the separation of the right and left channels and the resulting stereo reproduction.

The substantial power supply is located in the middle, with the power amp blocks found on the ends. On the outside, the A-S sports a retro aesthetic. It has a quarter-inch-thick milled aluminum faceplate with a brushed finish, available in either black or silver. The sample sent to me had a black faceplate. My impression of the black A-S is one of understated elegance, while the silver faceplate adds additional pop to the A-S's appearance.

Your preference will depend on how much you want the piece to stand out in your room. Both color options come with piano-black wood sides, a very cool retro touch.

Maharashtra resolves contain Covid19 to stage-2 but infections rise to 63

The unit is supported by high-quality spiked feet to provide isolation. The spikes can be covered by included magnetic pads to protect fine furniture.

The feet can also be adjusted to level the unit if necessary. The A-S's front panel features flush-mounted stereo analog VU level meters, reminiscent of amplifiers of the 70s and 80s.Maharashtra shutdown: Uddhav Thackeray orders workplace closure. Uddhav Thackeray to visit Ayodhya on March 7.

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maha amplifier

For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Politics and Nation. Defence Defence National International Industry. Company Corporate Trends Deals. International Business World News. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. All district borders will be sealed in Maharashtra in the wake of the rapid spread of novel coronavirus, added Thackeray. World India. Maharashtra chief minister, Uddhav Thackeraytoday imposed curfew in the entire state of Maharashtra. These steps should be seen as preventive measures by the citizens, said Thackeray.

He also appealed to citizens to stay at home for their own safety in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Despite CrPC Section being invoked in the state, a number of people were seen out on streets on Monday while several main roads were packed with vehicles. Section of CrPC is invoked so that essential services continue to operate while rest of the services are suspended till March People should not violate rules by crowding the streets.

All state borders shall be sealed other than for movement of essential commodities. Taxis with not more than two persons besides driver, auto-rickshaws with not more than one passenger besides driver are permitted only for the purposes specified in the order.

However, transport of passengers for accessing emergency medical services shall be permitted.


Operation of all inter-state bus and private vehicles shall stand suspended. Residents shall stay at home and come out only for permitted activities while strictly observing social distancing. Any congregation of more than 5 persons in public places is prohibited. All shops including commercial establishment, offices, factories, workshops shall close their operations.

However, production and manufacturing units which require continuous process and pharmaceuticals will be permitted. Govt offices, shops and establishments are permitted to operate during this period with barest minimum staff and shall take steps to ensure social distancing.

Earlier in the day, Punjab became the first state to take the severe step imposition of curfew to control the transmission of novel coronavirus. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announced the curfew as people were defying the lockdown imposed in the state, officials said. The state health department today said that Mumbai has reported 14 new cases in the last 24 hours, Taking the total number of coronavirus patients in Maharashtra to

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