Nbme form 6 step 2 ck correlation

We have with us today Dr. Priyanka has always been academically strong. Below is her step-by-step guide on how you can crack this exam, all relevant for The Indian Medical Student.

I planned to wrap up Step 2 CK during my internship. After taking almost a month to get over the jet lag and trying to figure internship out, I decided to start prepping for CK. I felt that people had more unanimous opinions about resources to be used for Step 1.

Your Shelf Exams and Difficult USMLE Step 2 CK Subjects

But for CK, one shoe does not fit all sizes and that is something I certainly want to get out of the way before I go into details of my prep. I am going to divide my prep into 4 phases for ease of understanding.

You need not go through all these phases. This is solely my experience. This is the part where I had absolutely no direction.

nbme form 6 step 2 ck correlation

I was reading random resources to figure out the content and orient myself to it. This was also the time I started reading Step Up to Medicine and usually had a discussion with a friend at the end of every chapter.

How I scored a 260 on the USMLE Step 2 CK

I was not very consistent during this part because of my postings, birthday month, a vacation. I was also watching the online med-ed videos available free of cost at onlinemeded. This stretched out till about mid-july when I realized that it was time to pull out the big guns. Here is where I started with my U World. I purchased the 6 month subscription which for me was a huge mistake since I ended up pushing my exam.

Nevertheless, I started solving the Q bank. After every test Timed modeI would review the test and write almost everything down from the explanation. This was where I did not understand the amount of time I was losing and how impractical it was.

This is when I stopped writing stuff and started reviewing on screen. It made the whole process so much faster without really affecting my level of retention. I thought I was doing a decent job given my medicine postings at the time.

Things seemed to be going fine until mid-February where I lost my momentum yet again Thanks to pre-convocation, convocation, post-convocation, running around for signatures. By the second week, I picked up speed yet again.

This time around, I was solving random tests not system wise in the timed mode.The posting of direct copyrighted material is prohibited.

Download NBME Clinical Mastery Series with Answers (Offline) Free [Direct Link]

I know these kinda posts are boring as fuck, I'm sorry. I tried using different correlation sheets like this oneand it get me like ! Exam in 6 weeks! Several repeated concepts. Sorry, but that calculator is probably right. Curves for NBMEs are really bad. A few more questions right would have been Pay no attention to the score until UWSAs come along.

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion?My thought process for this one: In DNA mismatch repair for bacteria there is a parent strand and a newly synthesized strand. The parent strand is methylated prior to replication to allow it to be differentiated from the new strand in the case of mismatching. The new strand is identified by the lack of methylation and then degraded by endonucleases.

So I used this logic to think altered methylase decreased activity allows for more DNA to be degraded by endonucleases. Not sure if its the best logic but it got me there lol. This question is a rather interesting one. While pharyngitis with viral or bacterial etiologies have very similar clinical presentationsthere are a few subtle hints that make Throat Culture the more likely answer regardless of the CENTOR score in this Vignette. Viral pharyngitisalthough all year round, is more common in the colder months.

The main objective of a primary care physician is distinguishing which patients have a higher likelihood of GAS infection vs. Throat culture is the gold standard in diagnosing GAS. Throat culture is the most appropriate next step in this case. Thus, it's not the hemophilias, as those are X-recessive, and usually daughters are just carriers in those cases. Associate concentric ventricular hypertrophy with increased afterload and eccentric ventricular hypertrophy with increased preload.

Fanconi syndrome induced by NRTIs. High concentrations of NRTIs in the proximal convoluted tubule interfere with mitochondrial DNA synthesis resulting in cellular damage. This patient has a testicular mass. Let's examine a few differentials as we go through the answer choices. FA18 p Tx for pheochromocytoma is irreversible alpha antagonist phenoxybenzamine, a1a2 blocker followed by beta-blockers prior to tumor removal.

Envelope: Lipid bilayer around the capsid that contains viral glycoproteins and host cell proteins. The presence of the lipid bilayer makes nearly all enveloped viruses vulnerable to rapid inactivation by organic solvents e. I don't know In case anything happens and the facility finds out about this, wouldn't the doctor's ass be on the first line on lawsuits?

Does Don't-Be-A-Dick rule also apply where you may potentially clash with rules and laws as well? PCV13 for strep pneumo is polysaccharide conjugated to diptheria toxin-like protein FA This is needed for a T-cell dependent response which allows for class switching and production of IgG Ab. This is a much more robust immune response. This provides memory and is why the vaccine is given at an early date. Iron level functions as a regulator of ferritin transcription.

If iron is low as it would be in significant blood loss, the body would want to mobilize iron to produce heme and not sequester it. This results in decreased ferritin production and increased transferrin.The NBME Clinical Mastery Series is basically a web-based application that helps to support the US and overseas medical students an opportunity to prepare a self-assessment of clinical knowledge learned during medical institutions or clinical clerkship programs in the United States.

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Last year, helpful reader Jarrett made a list converting the question order from the online FRED version to the pdf numbers. A — Classic Moro reflex, entirely expected and normal until it disappears around age 4 months.

E — This one is a bit silly. The lung exam is normal outside of the super common basilar crackles. Everything except for PE you would expect to hear a more impressive auscultation abnormality. But for this question: B and C take longer than 3 days. D we would expect fever, productive cough etc. Bronchitis would be possible, but still more often to have at least productive cough if not fever. PE, on the other hand, classically has a nonproductive cough, hypoxemia, and tachycardia.

All three are present. And then they mention her med: OCPs, which are an important predisposing factor for PE in young women for whom it is otherwise a rare entity. A favorite teaching point when it comes to interpreting literature. E is an exclusion criterion. B is the opposite: including 0 is equivalent to something not being significantly different.


We offer various earning opportunities through surveys, qual studies, referrals, quizzes, etc. If you wish to get in touch with us, you can send us an email at info zoomrx. Thank you for your explanations. This is great.

nbme form 6 step 2 ck correlation

I wish the educational objectives on uworld were written by you. Or… you should make your own qbank! I think I read one of your articles last year on how to read questions and my scores really jumped.

So again, thanks! Ben: I hope you go into medical education besides standard clinical radiology. I think of your contributions as a pebble thrown into a lake, and the wave of influence radiates in concentric circles outward. Thank you for those very kind words. I am happy to report that—in addition to this site—I will indeed be working with radiology residents and medical students in my new position.

Thank you so much for all of these explanations! Same types of questions, so perfectly. If you mean score-wise, impossible to say. Just wanted to point out 10 is actually likely HSV encephalitis given the hyperintensities in the temporal lobes which HSV has tropism for and the elevated erythrocytes are key in this because they indicate hemorrhagic necrosis of the temporal lobes classic in HSV encephalitis.

I completely agree, however, the additional features more specific to HSV are not necessary to answer this particular question correctly. Hi, Thanks for the explanations. Hi there. Thank you for your explanations! From the question stem, I understood this to be an esophageal rupture… Thank you for the clarification. I guess that the reason there was so much green fluid was because the rupture was in the gastro-esophageal junction and thus stomach contents were leaking into the thorax.He has smoked one pack of cigarettes daily for 37 years.

Abdominal examination shows a bruit in the right upper quadrant and no masses. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this patients bruit? A Accumulation of lipids in the arterial wall B Hypertrophy of the arterial wall media C Infiltration of arterial wall by giant cells D Infiltration of round cells in the arterial wall E Reflex vasodilation I put B as my answer and it was wrong.

Report Abuse. She has been taking hormone replacement therapy with conjugated estrogen since the operation. Examination shows a moist, rugated vagina. Which of the following is the most likely cause of these findings? He has a year history of poorly controlled hypertension. Examination shows a small right pupil, mild right ptosis, and nystagmus.

Neurologic examination shows weakness of the right palate. Sensation to pinprick is decreased over the right side of the face and left extremities.

There is incoordination on finger-nose testing and heel-knee-shin testing on the right. Which of the following arteries is most likely to be occluded? She is a retired schoolteacher and lives independently. Her granddaughter is concerned because on several occasions she has left the stove on when she went to bed. During conversations with her granddaughter, she has difficulty remembering past events and seems unconcerned about her memory lapses.

The patient describes trouble sleeping through the night and has had a decreased appetite resulting in a 4. She has a history of similar symptoms 2 and 5 years ago that were successfully treated with medication. She appears unkempt and has poor personal hygiene. Her temperature is 37 C Mental status examination shows psychomotor retardation, a flat affect, impaired ability to recall past events, and trouble repeating three numbers in sequence.

She is unable to recall the names of recent presidents. On arrival, she is agitated and has shortness of breath. Breath sounds are absent on the right, and her heart sounds are normal. An x-ray of the chest shows opacification of the right Hemithorax.

nbme form 6 step 2 ck correlation

Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? Menses have occurred every other month since menarche 10 months ago. Her last menstrual period was 1 week ago. She is not sexually active. Sexual development is Tanner stage 3. Examination shows no abnormalities.I hear woods and well demarcated, spreading, pruritic rash and I think poison ivy.

Abrupt, sharp line of demarcation, no systemic signs, and mention of environmental exposure should make you think less of strep skin infections. A precipitous drop in Hgb effectively rules out malrotation. Overaggressive anticoagulation is associated with intramural hematoma. This question is tricky. I used to always miss this presentation.

This is laterally medullary syndrome- which most of us have memorizes is a PICA infarct. Fun fact, PICA comes off the vertebral artery. This is how I remember the sx. If this helps at least one person I will be glad I am exposing my twisted brain.

Widened pulse pressure in an adult is regurg. Widened pulse pressure in a new born is PDA. But, x-ray would be more consolidated. You have trauma, initially normal ABG, chest bruising, and unilateral diffuse consolidation a few hours later. The question says pt is 3 days post op so I just went with prevention of UTI. Uworld says the best way to prevent UTI is to remove catheter as soon as it's not needed. Lungs with lots of gunk it in that is difficult to remove.

This kid has signs and sx of dehydration Hyaline casts due to hypovolemia resulting in concentrated urine. Viral myocarditis can lead to acute decompensated heart failure. Irregular periods, acne, and infertility line up with PCOS.

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