Oil dispensing equipment

Driven by an air-powered pump, this dispenser comes with an adapter to mount through a bung opening on a drum. Measure oil as it's dispensed. Add faucets to oil dispensing stations for increased utility. Connect these dispensing stations to your bulk oil container to easily fill hand-held dispensers.

Connect these modular pumps to a reservoir and a solenoid valve to automate the flow of oil. Ready to connect to your air system, these complete systems include a timer and a reservoir.

Air pressurizes the oil in the reservoir and atomizes the spray. Add a spray valve to direct the flow of oil. Choose from pumps that dispense with a set interval. Turn the dial to adjust the flow from 0. With a maximum flow of 0. Turn the dial to set the cycle interval. Set the cycle interval as well as the dispensing duration. This pump has a maximum flow of 0. Dispense a fixed amount of oil by pumping the handle. Use with manual and electric pumps to dispense different amounts of oil from multiple lubrication points.

Lubricate strips of sheet stock, wire, or sheet stock edges. Lubricate sheet stock up to 8" wide. Designed to recycle oil, this system dispenses, collects, and filters oil for reuse.

oil dispensing equipment

It delivers a controlled flow at a specific interval.Fluidall is an industry leader in providing clean, measured and controlled fluid handling and oil transfer solutions for many agricultural, industrial, chemical and transportation applications. We deliver cost-effective dispensing solutions that increase productivity with safe and efficient fluid and oil control. Our fluid handling pump packages include pneumatic oil and grease pumps, pneumatic Fire-Ball packages, double diaphragm pumps and components, electric pumps, anti-free and washer fluid packages as well as DEF and Diesel pumps and dispensing equipment.

We also feature a full line of dispense accessories, such as oil taps, wall-mount kits, top tank mounting brackets and side mounting pump and reel plates, specialty hoses, gun holders, and air regulators, valves and gravity feed kits. Please contact us for all of your fluid handling equipment needs. Fluid Handling and Oil Transfer Pumps and Pump Packages Fluidall is an industry leader in providing clean, measured and controlled fluid handling and oil transfer solutions for many agricultural, industrial, chemical and transportation applications.The stacked storage tank systems can also be configured with fluid dispensing packages, oil bars, SPCC compliant secondary containment, filtration, and other fluid handling equipment.

Their proprietary Tote-A-Lube storage tank design provides a visual fluid inventory, and the patented fill port design allows for easy fill in each stacked tank. They can be ordered as shown using the part numbers above. However, if you need something different, give us a call. Fluidall's Wall-Stackertm Oil Tank and Fluid Storage Systems process with patented poly tank solutions that make storing and dispensing bulk oils, lubricants and fluids reliable, clean, safe and efficient.

Our multi-fluid and oil tanks are ideal for tight bay ends and pit spaces. The space-saving Wall-Stacker system can be configured with gravity feed dispense, wall-mount pumps, hose reels, and other dispensing and metering equipment.

Wall-Stacker tanks are available in 32, 71, and gallon capacities, all sharing the 38" x 19" tank footprint. Our proprietary oil tanks provide a visual fluid inventory and the patented fill port design allows for easy fill in each stacked tank. Comes standard with a 7 micron Beta filter.

Any standard drum deck or spill pallet can be used with the work station for SPCC spill compliance, if needed. Positive displacement gear pump 3 or 5 gpm with internal bypass.

This space efficient design lifts the tote off the ground for easy dispensing. Additional spill pans available to expand capacity if SPCC compliance is required. Ships assembled and virtually ready to use, just attach the tote and connect the hose hose adapter may be necessary, available from the tote supplierplug it in and you have a best practice dispensing rack. This is it.

This base system is the ultimate convenience in implementing a lube room that incorporates all the best practice solutions for storage and dispensing of lubricating oils and glycol based coolants. A storage cabinet below the dispensing station ensures that fluid handling tools, equipment and identification parts are organized and easily available and is sized to accomodate hose reels, if you choose to upgrade your dispensing systems.

Ships assembled and virtually ready to use. The system is fully modular and interchangeable therefore if none of the solutions shown in this brochure meet your exact requirements, speak with your OILSAFE representative so that a custom configuration can be.

This base system incorporates all the best practice solutions for storage and dispensing of lubricating oils and glycol based coolants in a space efficient footprint. Easy relocation. Dedicated pump and filter per tank — to prevent cross contamination of lubricants and ensure maximum cleanliness.

There is no drum tipping, pump cleaning or switching, and no major pump replacement costs. Users save money while saving time and space. Features like dual-stage filtration, timers, quick disconnects, and desiccant breather filters make this all-in-one system the most unique storage and handling product on the market for storing, dispensing new oil, pre-filtering new oil and collecting samples for oil analysis.

Are you curious about how things work? If so, then Click to View More! Reprint: Global Cement Mag. Noria Corp. TLT: Best Practices jan. Let Us Help!

Item Description. Replacement: 12 micron Particulate Filter, small spin on type, priced each sold case of 6.Modern oil storage containers and dispensing systems are vital tools for maintenance programs.

Below we'll discuss oil storage container and dispensing system types and the different ways you can configure them for your needs.

Component failure can almost always be traced back to the very thing that is meant to keep it running smoothly — lubrication. In fact, up to 80 percent of bearing failures are caused by improper lubrication — that is, insufficient lubrication, using improper lubricants or using degraded lubricant due to excessive temperatures.

Mixing the wrong kinds of lubricants together cross-contamination is another major cause of degraded oil and component and machinery failure.

Mixing synthetic and mineral-based lubricants can cause major problems that lead to leaks and complete failures. Oil contamination and cross-contamination typically occur during:. Proper oil storage and dispensing are the first line of defense for protecting the integrity of your bulk oil supply. Modern oil storage containers and dispensing systems make it easier than ever to organize, store and dispense multiple types of oil from the same station while preventing cross-contamination through proper identification systems.

Modern color-coded systems ensure each type of oil is going through the correct hoses and into the correct machine. They also greatly minimize the potential for spills and the mishandling of the different types of oil with Environmental Protection Agency-standard spill containment kits. Below, we'll discuss the types of modern oil storage containers and review features you should look for in a modern oil dispensing system.


Modern oil storage containers should meet the UL SU standards for aboveground nonmetallic tanks for fuel and other combustible liquids. Additionally, oil storage containers should have spaces to properly label the type of oil inside and to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Right to Know federal law. This law states that employees have the right to know what chemicals they're working with, so labels must show the product inside the storage container, who makes it and note any dangers the substance holds.

Modern oil storage containers should either be made of stainless steel or polyethylene. Regular steel is outdated and has the tendency to rust and corrode, causing oil contamination and the leaching out of oil additives.

You'll typically see stainless-steel oil storage containers used for bulk oil storage, especially with oil dispensing racks. Polyethylene oil storage containers have many advantages over stainless steel, however, and are used in applications from small oil sampling to large bulk oil storage.

Some advantages polyethylene oil storage containers have over stainless steel include:. Traditional oil storage containers — jugs, kegs or drums — often come with issues that relate to oil cleanliness. Drum storage is vulnerable to inaccurate inventory control and residual waste product. Empty drums leave behind product residue that builds up over time. For these reasons, polyethylene oil storage containers offer a big advantage when it comes to maintaining oil cleanliness levels and minimizing waste.

The Environmental Protection Agency's regulations on spill prevention, control and countermeasure SPCC state that fuel and storage tanks must have some type of secondary containment. For single-wall storage containers, this is usually a concrete structure or, if you're using an oil dispensing system, it's a spill containment tray.

Double-wall oil storage containers sometimes called hybrid double-wall containers use an inner layer and an outer layer as this secondary containment, providing an extra layer of safety and reliability.Read More….

For over thirty years, we have been manufacturing custom hydraulic power units, pneumatic, lubrication, filtration and motion control systems.

Our sales engineers are supported by in-house engineering and highly knowledgeable customer service departments. Contact us today for more information! Request A Quote. For decades, Perma USA has been dedicated to research and development in order to give us the edge in everything from oil dispensers to grease pumps.

oil dispensing equipment

We guarantee our materials and workmanship to be defect free for five years so you can shop our rolling drains, evacuation systems, undercoating units and other lubrication equipment feeling reassured and confident.

Graco's lubrication equipment division manufactures products used to dispense, meter and transfer motor and gear oils, grease, hydraulic and transmission fluids, antifreeze and other specialty lubricants. Our team of designers and engineers are committed to providing quality technical service and support on all our products.

Call us or visit our website today! Our own stamping facility had lubrication needs that lead to our development of airless stock-and-die lubrication systems, prepressurized lubricating machinery and V-Series lubricating systems. Digilube Systems provides manufacturers, plant managers, and maintenance personnel with innovative products and high quality lubrication systems. Our systems save time and dollars, reduce equipment problems, and maximize control over critical machinery with the best lubrication in the business.

Visit our website or give Digilube call today to request a quote! Oil Dispenser - Oil-Rite Corporation Although various oil dispenser designs exist, commercial oil dispensers usually resemble a gas pump, and include a hose and nozzle connected to a larger unit. These units come in a range of sizes and holding capacities, ranging anywhere from twenty lbs.

oil dispensing equipment

Portable dispensers can be used to quickly load grease guns and oil cans that are used in everyday procedures. Oil dispensers, or oilers, are lubrication systems that exclusively dispense oil.

Oil lubricants are usually not organic, but mineral based like petroleum. That means they are substances that have been naturally altered by geochemical processes underground by way of porous rocks or plankton.

Mineral oil degrades, but not nearly as quickly as organic oil does. Synthetic oils that have been specially engineered with positive corrosion and wear resistant characteristics are also dispensed by lubricating equipment. Oil dispensers are important to the operation of many kinds of equipment, and their use extends throughout a large number of industrial contexts. Like grease dispensers, which are incredibly similar to oil dispensers except meant to apply grease instead, they can be found in all sorts of processing plants, such as industrial tools, food and beverage, packaging and printing.

The assembly and process equipment that is the backbone to all of these industries requires lubrication equipment in vast quantities to protect and maintain the functionality of their machines. Automotive industries also use oil dispensers to maintain their vehicle building machines, as well as maintaining the health of the vehicle after it is made.

Like a computer, cars are a good example of how lubrication is important beginning at the base manufacturing step through to the upkeep from a single owner.

Oil Dispensers

As responsible consumers who want products that last, a computer or car owner must use lubricants to maintain their products. Oil dispensers can also refer to consumer product contexts in small and simple designs. An oil dispenser can be a small metal container with a nozzle and lid, meant to hold small amounts of olive oil or vegetable oil for domestic use.If automotive fluids play an important role in your maintenance service offering, you have come to the right place.

Best Buy Auto Equipment is the top destination for automotive fluid dispensing equipment, grease delivery systems, electronic meter guns, and other supplies that will help you streamline your workflow and improve productivity.

With top-of-the-line products made by trusted brands at the ready, such as JohnDow Industries, Lincoln, Lisle, Meguiar's, Milwaukee, Mityvac, Plews Lubrimatic, and more, you can find what you need at an excellent price. We also offer free shipping and interest-free financing options on select products while supplies last. Shop from our selection today! Lisle 6 Qt.

oil dispensing equipment

Translucent 8in. Drums - LIN We carry an array of oilers with spill-proof tops, angled spouts, and easy-grip handles for ease of pouring with every application. Automotive oil dispensers and measuring cans with long, tapered tips make it much easier to access those hard-to-reach areas for fluid transfer to vehicles and other types of equipment.

We offer a variety of fluid reservoir kits and motor oil dispensers that can be used to collect or dispense large volumes of fluid, minimizing the amount of time it takes to empty out old fluid from the vehicles that come through your shop. If you frequently dispense fluid to fill or top-off master cylinders, coolant bottles, automatic transmissions, differentials, power steering, and other reservoirs, we have an automotive fluid dispensing system to meet your needs.

JohnDow's air-operated motor oil dispensers and grease delivery systems represent the very best when it comes to user-friendly features and reliable operation. All-inclusive tote dispensing systems are ideal for refilling onboard diesel emission fluid DEF tanks, making them essential to repair facilities that service diesel-powered vehicles with selective catalytic reduction SCR systems.

In addition to automotive oil dispensers, we also offer an assortment of replacement parts, such as vacuum gauges, spouts, caps, and hand pumps. You can submit your credit application for interest-free financing for up to six months on select products today without any obligation to buy. If you have any questions about this product selection, please contact us today to learn more.

Oil Storage Containers and Dispensing Systems: A Complete Guide

Add to Cart to See Better Price. Find by Pricing Below 30 6 30 to Automotive Fluid Dispensing.You'll be dropping like a pro with these beauties!

These essentially designed 5 ml droppers are a perfect way to use your 15 ml essential oil bottl These essentially designed 15 ml droppers are a perfect way to use your 15 ml essential oil bott A convenient and sturdy finge Transform your old essential oil bottles into something new! The convenience of a nasal spray top on the 15 ml essential oil bottles is great when Clear glass pipette This replacement black pump top is an essential, economical and versatile component for liquid applications.

Ideal for lotions, creams, liquid soap Want to reuse your glass or plastic bottles? Or do you need to replace a lost storage cap. You need a phenolic storage cap!.

These storage caps wil Cap off any of your bottles with this black snap top, which allows you to dispense any of your essential oil blends or carrier oils on the go. Replace your lotion pump tops with a modern white one! This handy, economical and versatile pump for liquid applications. Ideal for lotions, creams These storage caps will do just the tric Now you can with our 5 ml - 15 ml stainless steel ro Need some stainless steel roller replacements?

Lubrication Dispensing and Storage Equipment

We suggest before every application to push firmly down on your roller ball to make sure it is secur Need some plastic replacement rollers? We've got your back! These r Get some premium glass roller tops to replace your old ones!

These ro Add some flare to your roller bottles!

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