Stair nosing

Hardwood Stair Nosing combined with your flooring creates stair treads. This allows you to match your stairs and flooring seamlessly. This is an ideal alternative to custom or off the shelf stair treads. We offer Hardwood Stair Nosing in 4ft, 7ft and 8ft lengths. Other species of wood are available by special order.

Non-Slip FRP Stair Nosings

You can view the different configurations using the drop down menu above. Contractor or installer interest in volume wholesale pricing please contact us here. For shipping purposes we recommend selecting 4 foot sections. The are extra charges for shipping lengths over 48 inches.

If you need help with purchasing contact uswe are happy to help. You must be logged in to post a review. All stocked items will ship or be ready for will call business day after purchase.

Multiple purchases can be combined for lower shipping rates.

Stair Nosings

Please contact Cherokee Wood Products for more details. We reserve the right to change shipping carriers to provide you the lowest shipping rate available.

You may provide your own carrier. For over sized loads and large quantities please contact Cherokee Wood Products Customer Service for the most accurate shipping rate. Hardwood Stair Nosing quantity. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Shipping Info All stocked items will ship or be ready for will call business day after purchase. Orders under ft will be shipped in multiple packages. Please place cut sizes in order notes, we will contact you to confirm your order. Choose an option 4ft 7ft 8ft.Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments.

After reviewing a staircase specification checklistit is important to research the code requirements for your specific application. This checklist provides an outline and some example codes for risers, stringer slope, stair treads, stair tread nosingand landings. Building Codes for Stair Tread Nosing in Staircase Specifications Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments.

Request a quote Share to email Send to printer. Do your stair tread nosing meet these codes? Stair treads and risers shall be of uniform size and shape. The tolerance between the largest and smallest riser or between the largest and smallest tread shall not exceed 0. Access ramps: slope 0 to 20 deg, prefer 7 to 15 degrees of slope Egress stairs and accessible egress stairs: primary exit from a buildingslope Fire escape stairs for emergenciesslope deg.

Limited access stairs fixed industrial stairsslope 30 to 50 deg. Stair Code Example — Source BOCA stair construction code details: Stair riser heights shall be 7 inches mm maximum and 4 inches mm minimum.

Stair tread depths shall be 11 inches mm minimum. The riser height shall be measured vertically between the leading edges of adjacent treads. A nosing is not required where the tread depth is a minimum of 11 inches mm. Stair Landings There must be a floor or landing at the top and bottom of each stairway and on each side of each exterior door.

Exception: exterior doors, except the required main exit door, where there are two or fewer risers, a landing is not required. Click here for more information.Free screws included Save money on screws with our free fixings included with Decking Strips orders. Also find us on Amazon and eBay If you prefer to use Amazon or eBay, you can purchase our products there.

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Dino Grip Non-Slip Stair Nosings are a fiberglass product that has been manufactured for an effective non-slip step edge, with a highlighted nosing. Prefabricated and ready to install, Dino Grip Stair Nosings are the perfect solution for slippery steps. These Stair Nosings offer both a color differentiation and an anti-slip solution for any step edge.

They are easy to install and can be fitted to almost any step without creating an additional trip hazard. Suitable for DIY installations. Need a different size? Call us and ask about our FREE custom cutting service!

stair nosing

Dino Grip will not be responsible for shade or color variation caused by application or substrate deficiencies, or fading resulting from natural causes such as weather. Two sizes are available, the 2. Dino Grip Stair Nosings are available from stock in lengths up to 8ft. Ask about our free cutting service. Dino Grip Stair Nosings are pre-formed fiberglass nosings that have an anti-slip gritted top to provide an excellent slip-resistant and hard-wearing surface.

stair nosing

Dino Grip Stair Nosings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and are perfectly suited for use even in the most extreme environments. Chemical resistance guides are available on request. Dino Grip Stair Nosings are designed for easy installation onto most step edges. The fact that they are supplied as a finished product means that it can be walked on straight away after installation.

Dino Grip Stair Nosings provides an instant aesthetically pleasing non-slip finish to any step edge, which also provides a highlighted edge. To ensure a flush fit with the existing substrate and to eliminate the possibility of a trip hazard, the product has been designed with a tapered back edge. The stairs should be dry and clean and free from any loose and defective material.

If there are areas that are damaged these should be repaired so that the surface is flat and even. Undertake a dry fit of the nosing to ensure that it sits flat and is the correct size. The Stair Nosings should be cut outside or in well-ventilated areas. If any further trimming is required, we recommend the use of a jigsaw, preferably fitted with a tungsten carbide blade or hand grinder. Dust residue can be disposed of using normal waste disposal methods.

No special permissions or licenses are required. Dino Grip can supply standard flat star headed stainless steel screws, which therefore do not rust, stain or create a trip hazard.

While mechanical fixings are all that is required to secure the stair nosing, wherever possible, the application of an appropriate high strength gap filling adhesive will provide the following benefits:. Immediately press the Stair Nosing firmly to the substrate to ensure adequate transfer of adhesive. A firm bond will be achieved in about one hour under normal circumstances and conditions. Secure with the mechanical fixings and allow the adhesive sealant to cure before allowing excessive use of the areas.

Once the pilot holes have been drilled to then screw into position using the flat star headed stainless steel screws.

stair nosing

Additional adhesive can be used if required to add extra grip to the bottom of the Stair Nosing; adhesive is available for purchase on our website.

Place rivet into the hole and use a rivet gun to fix into position.Browse our Heavy Duty Stair Nosing to find the one that fits your needs.

stair nosing

Available in aluminum and bronze with rubber or epoxy filling. Many different widths are available by choosing from the dropdowns on the product page and most nosings can be custom cut to length. They can also be purchased with integrated photoluminescent tread. Available in aluminum. It is designed to be used for new construction. It is made of mill finish aluminum. Length is custom cut to size. It has a depth of 9" and a riser of 1.

All Stair Nosing

It has a depth of 11" and a riser of 1. It comes in bright finish aluminum is available in choice of widths and lengths. This grooved Sill Nosing extends just over the stair's edge to provide an attractive, finished appearance while covering defects in the sub-sill.

Available in bronze mill finish, aluminum mill finish, and many other color variations. Custom-cut to size. Safety Floor Treads provide a detectable warning for stairs and protect the edge of the stair from wear. Various aluminum finishes available. Treads have a 6. They are also available with integrated photo-luminescent tread. They can be applied for indoor and outdoor applications.

Treads have a 3" depth. Comes in two metal finishes. Contact us. My account. Sign in Register Wish list. My Cart 0. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Quick View. Full Details. I just wanted to Thank You for putting up all your products online. I have been searching for the longest time for these products order number 38xxx and there it was on your website and nowhere else, clearly explained and easy to order.

So I wanted to thank you again for creating your website. Jeffrey from South Carolina. Jeffrey Dec 19, Subscribe News.Please be patient with us while we upload all of our stair nosing products into our new website. In the meantime, please call us for a quote on your stairway project at 1.

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They ship quickly, have excellent pricing and I will be using them again! My solid oak floors are beauti I got home and there the order was I was thinking man Thanks for offering great products at a great price a These are pictures of my stairs after the balusters were installed.

Thanks for sending them so quickly. I am re Hello again!!! The hardwood flooring is absolutely beautiful. We have several boxes left over and are wanting to go ahead and put it in our office I needed custom, long-length wood flooring in a very tight time-frame. I was trying to find a matching one on Google.

That is where I got in touch wi We received our order yesterday and just want to say the product is gorgeous. The packaging is real good and am very impressed with the care taken Wooden Balusters.

Flooring Specials. Stair Parts Specials. We are fully operational as usual.Most building codes require some type of stair nosing be installed on commercial, industrial or municipal stairs to provide anti slip properties. The primary benefit of this nosing is to add safety for pedestrians. Amstep offers an array of products engineered to increase traction on stairways and also add aesthetic appeal.

If you are replacing existing embedded nosings or need to butt up to tile or carpet, Amstep series is stair nosing to use. It contains super hard abrasives locked into an aircraft grade aluminum base for long life.

Easy to install they will be drilled and countersunk for fasteners and can be used in wood, metal and masonry stairs. Glowline and Sightline are also available in all the Series Stair Nosings. For embedding in new pour concrete, Amstep series is what you need. Super hard abrasives locked into an aircraft grade aluminum base for long life. Easy to install with a continuous integral anchor for a secure hold regardless of the length of the stair. Amstep Series stair nosings go over existing stairs and provide 3 to 5 inches of durable non slip surface for your visitors, fans, patrons and employees.

They can go over worn out existing embedded nosings or provide a new non slip front edge to a worn or slippery step. They can go over wood, metal and masonry stairs. They come in many colors and provide a visual contrast to the front edge of your steps. They are available with Sightline and Glowline options for increased visibility even in the dark. Looking to increase the visibility of your stairways and easily improve the safety of visually impaired pedestrian traffic?

Equip any of our series products with contrasting, standard colors to add traction and appeal to your steps. Additional benefits are gained if the stair nosing is of a contrasting color to the rest of the stair tread.

How To Install Metal Stair Nosing for Vinyl Flooring on Wood Stairs

This is to give a visual warning to pedestrians of the change in height from step to step or from landing to step. Some zoning laws require it only on the top and bottom step of a flight while others require every step to have a contrasting front.

Another benefit of this product is durability. Since the nose of a stair gets more impact and contact than any other part of the step it would wear more quickly than the rest of the step. Nothing will last forever, but your stairs will last longer with quality nose protection than they will without them. Anti-slip stair nosing can be added when building new steps or when renovating existing steps. Amstep Products has models that cover both options with an aircraft grade aluminum base combined with epoxy bonded non slip materials.

For renovating existing staircases, either for metal stairs or concrete stairsyou can choose a variety of renovation style models from Amstep. To cover the entire tread including any existing nosing, there are great options in our series and series categories. We have decades of experience on thousands of projects.

We want to ensure you get the right product for your stairs. Stair Nosing. Series If you are replacing existing embedded nosings or need to butt up to tile or carpet, Amstep series is stair nosing to use. Series For embedding in new pour concrete, Amstep series is what you need.

Series Amstep Series stair nosings go over existing stairs and provide 3 to 5 inches of durable non slip surface for your visitors, fans, patrons and employees. Sightline Looking to increase the visibility of your stairways and easily improve the safety of visually impaired pedestrian traffic?

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Safety and protection are priorities on any stairway, no matter the flooring materials applied to the treads and risers. Take steps to protect these flooring materials from wear. Choose from 16 popular nosing profiles in a broad portfolio of colors and metallic. To meet stringent accessibility requirements, choose profiles with inserts for the visually impaired. United States. Change your country. Find a distributor. Find your sales representative.

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